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Episode 5: David C.

David C. (Guest-David as we call him in this episode) is a good friend and co-worker of David W. (Host-David). David C. grew up a child of international Christian musicians/artists and offers and interesting perspective into the world of the Christian music scene. We hit on such fun topics as “communities” (read: Commune), aliens, fringe-Christianity,…

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Episode 4: Melissa L.

For this episode we interview another really good friend, Mel. Mel’s experience comes from the Charismatic stream, combined with difficult family environments. Her story is surprisingly encouraging, in spite of, as a child, planning to die by the time she was 25 years old. At the time of this recording Mel was working at the…

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Episode 3: Matt W.

For this episode we interviewed our good friend Matt W. who grew up in the Bible belt. We dive into the reality of how change happens at us and we don’t have as much control over transformation as we would like. Show Notes:Richard Rohr quotes Romano Guardini, “The church has always been the cross that…

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Episode 2: David & Nate

David and I decided that it would be a good time to share some of our experiences of Christianity. We dove pretty deep… so deep, in fact, that we edited our a few minutes of the interview in order to better honor some important people in our lives. It is an honor for us that…

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Episode 1: Michael K.

Thanks for walking the journey with us. Michael is a good friend of both David and I. We used to meet for tea every other week on a regular basis and I miss those times dearly. Alas, seasons change. Michael grew up Catholic and has in many ways moved beyond what he was given growing…

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